July 13, 2005

EU Fingerprints database of all EU subjects

The EU wants to make sure that everybody has an ID Card with biometrics of their fingerprints. They ignore that ID Cards would have no effect on terroism, as Charle Clarke admited, and Japanese cryptographer Tsutomu Matsumoto, along with his students at the Yokohama National University, showed that they can be reliably fooled with a little ingenuity and $10 worth of household supplies but they want them anyway. $10 would not be a problem for Islamists funded by multi millionare Bin Laden, but they wouldn't need them anyway the 9/11 terrorists for example used their own real passports to get on the aeroplanes they used. Could this be another case of Clarke using the EU to bypass our democratically elected parliment and pass new laws by decree? This has happened before rather recently on a measure much less controversial than ID Cards.
By invoking this mechanism[a council of ministers desision], Clarke can come back to the UK with his new "EU law" and ask for it to be ratified by Parliament on the basis of a single vote, with no scope for amendment, which he will get "on the nod" with the government's in-built majority. He can then implement it at will in the UK.

The central point, of course, is that if Clarke went through the normal legislative system, he would have to resort to an Act of Parliament, which would have to go through all the stages of Readings and Committees, in both Houses. Given its contentious nature, it would take a great deal of Parliamentary time, with no guarantee of success.
So they can get their database, that would have come from the UK ID Card, holding the biometrics and other data on all UK citizens (which was the scary bit of hteID Card system anyway), and they also get every other citizen of the EU as well! Nice free gift that for an authoritarian bastard like Clarke.


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